small bench planterID - gritty with white

small bench planterID - gritty with white

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The gritty texture clay used in this planter contrasts well with the lush white glaze, which allows the 'grit' in the clay to shine through. The bench planters and coasters are finished with a thorough sanding, ensuring their bottoms are smooth as a baby's.

Available in four sizes:

Small -  9cm diameter x 8cm high (plus coaster)

Medium - 12cm diameter x 10cm high (plus coaster)

Large - 14cm diameter x 11cm high (plus coaster)

Extra large - 16cm diameter x 16cm high (plus coaster)

The planterID range is handmade, with each piece slab built and high-fired to ensure durability.

Please note that, due to the nature of the handmade process, there may be slight variation in the size and colours of the finished products.