sweet sandy planterID

sweet sandy planterID

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When paired with my luscious white glaze, the gently textured sandy clay used for this planter creates a sweet planter for your favourite plants. 

Available in three sizes, each fits a standard size plastic pot, eliminating the need for a drainage hole and coaster, and increasing the versatility of these statement pieces:

Small -  12cm diameter x 11cm high (fits standard 10cm plastic pot)

Medium - 16cm diameter x 16cm high (fits standard 14cm plastic pot)

Large - 18cm diameter x 21cm high (fits standard 18cm plastic pot)

The planterID range is handmade in my home studio in Mullumbimby with each piece slab built from stoneware clay and high-fired to ensure durability. Please note that, due to the nature of the handmade process, there may be slight variation in the size and colours of the finished products.