full moon, half moon - rectangular vaseART

full moon, half moon - rectangular vaseART

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This sculptural vaseART has enough attitude to stand alone, but would be equally pleased to hold any striking flora you might fancy putting in it. 

This vaseART was handmade from gently texture white (high-fired stoneware) clay and finished with lush white glaze. The fresh white glaze is accented by the geometric pattern, making this an all round classy piece. 

** please note that this piece is considered a second as there is a slight bulging in the disk (see photo). This does not effect the functionality of the piece and adds a sweet quirk, but is a second never-the-less (as discounted to reflect this)

Handmade from high-fired stoneware clay.

Dimensions: 16cm wide x 9cm deep x 25cm high