1000 Clay Cups exhibition curated by Outliers Studio

I was thrilled to be invited to be one of 50 artists from around the world to be part of the Morning Musings : 1000 Clay Cups exhibition. Curated by the Outliers Studio, the exhibition explored the pivotal relationship between makers and morning rituals.

I used the opportunity to bring some new design ideas and processes I'd been working on to fruition. 

Each artist was asked to provide a statement about our morning rituals. Here is what I wrote:

My days start with one or both of our dogs staring at me and huffing morning breath in my face until I wake up, get up and get going on our morning walk. If there’s time, we head to beautiful Brunswick Heads, where we enjoy the beach with other dogs and their folk. If we’re a little pressed for time, we’ll walk through the streets and parks of our hometown of Mullumbimby. Either way, each day starts with moving my body, fresh air and laughing at the dogs, how lucky I am.

Returning from the morning walk, I am happy that it is time for breakfast. My favourite meal of the day, breakfast is always followed by a mug of chai, or a strong latte (when I’ve fallen off the coffee wagon). Either way, my next walk is with my brew, in a handmade mug, of course, to my home studio.

My studio assistant Manon arrives about this time, and after she is greeted by the dogs and her coffee is delivered (by our resident barista/my husband), we get started on ­­­­­­­our day. Whether its new pieces to create, orders to make or pack, new ideas to explore, or kilns to unpack, studio days are the best days.