A collection of handmade ceramics bottles in earthy tones


Handcrafted ceramics to elevate your everyday moments.

new geometric range

My new geometric range is refined in both form and decoration. Designed with the clean lines my work is known for and handmade with precision and care, these pieces are decorated in an entirely new way.

Each piece in the range has been decorated with a bespoke, geometric design. Some pieces, such as the Happy Pill mugs, have been highlighted with accents of colour. Others, such as the lidded vessels pictured here, have been made with gently textured clay, with the outside left raw to allow the clay to be celebrated.

I hope you enjoy these unique pieces as much as I love making them. 

candy stripe planterID

I am thrilled with my new candy stripe planterID range.​​​​​​​​​ This range builds upon the classic shape of my core planterID range, with a touch of carefully curated colour. Handmade from sandy clay, which can be seen at the base of the planter, the planters are decorated with white slip and a sweet strip of colour (beautiful blue and opulent orange, or pretty pink and gorgeous green). Finished with a clear glaze to maximise durability, these planters are the epitome of functional art.

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In good company


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