Braer x Jenn Johnston ike-kit

I was thrilled to be invited by Braer to be the first ceramic artist to work with them on their ike-kit series.

The ike-kit is inspired by findings one's ikigai, the Japanese word often meaning 'the feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that follow when people pursue their passions'. For me, clay and the practice of pottery brings me ikigai, as does collaborating with people like Azzmin of Braer.

With Azzmin, I designed and created two exclusive Ikebana vessels. Both handmade using slab building techniques, one is a gentle sandy colour and the other is a deep moss green.

The sandy earth glaze symbolises the earth element that is necessary to create a balanced ikebana arrangement. The gloss finish on these pieces juxtaposes the natural tones and colours of the clay. Further, upon closer inspection, it highlights the clay’s grain and celebrates its beauty and true form.

And I love how the green moss glaze has a lot of depth, in the way that when you look at a patch of moss it has an array of greens in it.
The Braer team practice Sogetsu Ikebana which was founded in Japan in 1927. Sogetsu is more modern and believes Ikebana should be both enjoyable and creative and not bound by the rules of classical styles and copying patterns. Braer use flower arranging as a form of mindfulness and meditation.

Our hope is that these vessels will be enjoyed by many people who enjoy flowers and see the value of the vessel they are held in as much as we do.